We Are Enough QC.png

#WeAreEnough is a multi-platform social movement campaign and community street art project being run through Quiet Connections; sharing real-life experiences and stories through creativity and art to generate more conversations around mental health, encourage self-expression and increase self-acceptance...because we are all enough, just as we are.

The project will culminate in mid 2019, with a collection of community made artworks that will create a large street art yarn bombing display and exhibiton in Cornwall.

We Are Enough welcomes all forms of creativity; from knitting, crocheting, writing and poetry to drawing, painting and photography. If you can create it, we can include it.

Get involved and find out more over at Quiet Connections or email me at stacie@quietconnections.co.uk

In March 2018 we successfully raised £2,500 through Crowdfunding to help deliver this project; Thank you to all of our supporters, you guys are amazing!