Stacie Clark is an award winning knit & crochetwear designer with a 1st Class Honors in Fashion, 2014. Based in Cornwall.

An appreciation and love for traditional craftsmanship and a need for self-expression fuels Stacie's hand knitted and crocheted fashions; with an eclectic range of interests she takes her inspirations from art and film, nature and photography, and history and society, through to exploring her own abstract mark-makings, dreams and experiences with depression and anxiety.

An advocate for mental health and the emotional benefits of creativity, a Time to Change Champion and 2017 fellow from the Lloyds School for Social Entrepreneurs. Stacie has experiences in initiating international multi-cultural art projects, marketing, and freelancing for a number of independent designers and large brands.

Stacie is also Co-Director and Community Coordinator for Quiet Connections; a mental health organisation supporting people who feel socially anxious, shy and not good enough.